Captivated by Light

Mark Brady


My Passion and Inspiration.

Captivated by light, I have dedicated myself to photography for the past 45 years. Looking through the lens, I love capturing images from fleeting moments, playing with light, and composing forms in abstract ways. With camera in hand, I am a perpetual student. I enjoy learning about the world around me, discovering new ways of seeing, and exploring how to create and manipulate light. For me the creative possibilities are endless in photography.

My Experience.

As a self-taught photographer, I developed my viewpoint and style by shooting street and abstract scenes, landscapes, music performances, and portraits. Within a decade, I expanded my repertoire by delving into architectural and retail product photography for major retailers worldwide. My work throughout the years has been showcased in advertising, magazines, direct mail, billboards, books, CD's and DVD's.

My Process.

I immerse myself in every aspect of creation—from deciding how to compose and crop my subject within the viewfinder to printing the final image. I also thoroughly enjoy projects that allow me to create lighting from scratch, that is an art by itself. I work with both film and digital on location and in my own studio. 

I spent many years in the 1970's and 80's in darkrooms developing prints and film by hand, and this experience has brought me closer to my subjects. But now that I work in a digital environment (and I have fully embraced it), I find it just as rewarding as working in a traditional darkroom.

My Other Passion. 

I also run a Fine Art printing studio and specialize in museum-quality reproductions and archival printing. Please visit my web site, Brady Fine Art  to learn more about my services and products.